Sunday, November 8, 2009

CisCom Introduces C-Now

We've been madly configuring our new monitoring software this month to prepare it for release. We've named it C-Now because it lets us see what your computer issue is right now. This product really is an awesome collection of tools, and we are all excited about it. Sure, we've been doing remote monitoring for some time. This is not new. What is new is the powerful breadth of services this new software provides. The product is based upon LabTech software and is much more comprehensive than our previous remote monitoring provider. In addition to remotely monitoring for common problems, this software has powerful network documentation abilities, configuration options and corrective action tasks. It is integrated with our ticketing and billing software and will make us more efficient in serving you. You can create a service ticket which is placed directly in our service queue to insure prompt response. It allows us real time access to machines via remote connection to evaluate and repair many problems. Comprehensive database elements are also present, so that relevant information regarding machine hardware configuration settings and software licenses can be stored as well.

We are confident that many of you will choose to join our monitored clients after learning more about C-Now. For more information call (502) 253-4525 ext. 200.

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