Thursday, September 17, 2009 and Recycling of Mobile Phones and Other Electronics

I had accumulated a lot of old mobile phones over the years as we have updated to newer technologies. I decided to try and find the best method of disposing of them. I stumbled across a website called and decided to check it out. They have the ability for you to get an estimated value for all sorts of stuff. The process is very simple. You first identify what phone you have and then provide a few other details such as if you have a battery and the general condition. The site will then calculate the value of the phone and prompt you to indicate if you would like to cash it in. I went through the process with 3 phones and was shocked to find out how much they were worth. Once you accept, you can box it up and paste a prepaid shipping label and send it off. They will also send you a box if you request one.

So, for a few minutes of my time, I was able to get a $97 gift card and also get the peace of mind knowing I disposed of the phones where they will be either resold (reused) or recycled for the components. When I went to their site today, I realize you can also sell them other items. Their motto is "Get Cash for you Gadgets". I'll definitely will check out this site the next time I get the latest gadget and want to get rid of the replaced item.