Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mobile Phone Platforms

I had a discussion recently with Susan Lennon (one of the many great people I get to visit in my work) about the pros and cons of various mobile phone platforms. Thanks to Susan, I realized this is a perfect topic for this forum.

There are so many choices and options is it hard to make a selection. So, here’s my two cents on Windows Mobile v. iPhones v. Blackberries.

Windows Mobile Phones
  • Pros: Tightly integrated with Microsoft Exchange so you can easily synchronize all of your Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Email straight out of the box with no additional software necessary.
  • Cons: The interface stinks. You need to use a stylus to use it which is a pain. Also, it seems to run a little slower than the other platforms. Installing other programs a little more trickier.


  • Pros: What can I say? Elegant in design. Incredible interface. Extremely easy to use. Uses Microsoft Activesync to so you can easily synchronize your Contacts, Calendar, and Email info with no additional server configuration or software. Easy to install other programs using iTunes.
  • Cons: You cannot sync your Tasks without purchasing a special program. You are tied to AT&T for your service which costs a lot more than other providers. Does not use a keyboard so if you are planning to use it for typing a lot of emails, you may want to reconsider not using an iPhone. One last note, an upgraded version should be coming out by the end of June so I would wait until then if this is what you want.


  • Pros: The best of all platforms for email. Interface does not require a stylus, but is not as intuitive as the 2 others.
  • Cons: Synchronization. BB devices offer a few different methods to sync your info. All with their own limitations and caveats. The most preferred method requires purchasing special software for you server which costs $$. You can sync without the special server software but it occasionally will have hiccups. A royal pain to setup because of this.

Others: There are a few other new platforms that have recently come out. Usually new platforms take a while before the Microsoft Exchange integration evolves as the phones are mostly geared for consumers. I would be hesitant to consider any of these without further research.

Personal recommendation? A couple of months ago I would have suggested getting a Windows Mobile. But I got an iPhone, and I fell in love with it.


  1. David,

    I guess the recent release of the Palm Pre falls into your "Others" category. While I don't have my eye on a smart phone at present, I'm rooting for Pre's acceptance. I've always liked Palm as a company and unfortunately for them, the Pre is a do or die product for them.

  2. The Blackberry route is not as expensive as you would think. You get one free Cal from Blackberry and you can add additional users up to 30 at $99 each or 5 for $429. The newest version can run on the same server as exchange.